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Name:Tyler J. Peterson
Birthdate:Feb 14
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America

BACKGROUND: Tyler Jordan Peterson had a completely normal childhood and upbringing. He was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, and was initially meant to be an only child when his two professional parents were content with welcoming one child. That plan didn't work out when they were surprised by not only their first try being identical twin boys of Tyler and his brother, Jeremy, but a couple of years later with a second son, Kyle. Thankfully the brothers were close enough in age to be friends rather than any extensive sibling rivalry. Their mother was a flight attendant who put her career on hold until the boys were of school age, and their father a criminal attorney. Tyler always wanted to follow in his dad's footsteps, and he and his parents were over the moon when he scored a placement in Pre-Law at Columbia University in New York. He always hoped he could make Ivy League, and New York was like a dream come true. Jeremy, however, was the more quite and placid of the twins, and had more of an urge to get into something working with people. Turns out, both twins were extremely intelligent and Jeremy scored a placement at Oxford University in England by scoring almost perfect grades in every subject. It was hard for Tyler to come to terms with his twin moving overseas, but he coped by throwing himself into his own college plans and packed off to New York, leaving Providence behind. It was during Freshers' Week at Columbia that Tyler met Nathan Mitchell. Tyler never expected to make friends so soon or so easily, but he and Nathan had an undeniable chemistry. It was almost kismet to discover they were dorm mates, and six weeks later, they were officially a couple, a trip to Atlantic City being their first date and first time they slept together.

At the time, it was only the start of a happily ever after. College seemed so much easier sharing it with Nathan and they helped each other through. It almost seemed too perfect, but Tyler never questioned it. He even hit it off with Nathan's beloved younger sister, Carmen. Three after they met, gay marriage was legalised in New York, and Tyler couldn't resist the thrill it gave him to know he could legally marry the love of his life. Within days of the laws being passed, he was down on knee on the steps of the New York Public Library, his favourite place in the city, proposing to Nathan, who happily accepted. The wedding planning was a whirlwind, and Tyler couldn't have been more excited. He could have married Nathan in a cardboard box on the subway and still been happy, but they went the whole hog for their families and a fabulous wedding was planned.

But just days before the ceremony, Tyler's closest friends took him out on the town for his Bachelor Party and "last night of freedom". That was where the happily ever after crashed and burned, and nothing would ever be the same again. In a turn of events no one could have seen coming, Tyler was grabbed from the back of the group and gagged so they didn't hear him try to scream. He was pulled into a dark, back alley and sexually assaulted, the perpetrator keeping him conscious so he was aware of the whole thing. The biggest mistake was letting Tyler see his face, but Tyler was too broken, injured, and mentally shocked to do anything but lie there until he was found two hours later by a hooker, who called an ambulance.

Tyler never recovered from the trauma. He began to spin out, break down, and didn't want anywhere near him to help him, as much as Nathan tried. It broke his heart when Tyler just pushed him further and further away. It all took an even more horrible turn when Tyler started to believe the only way he could hope to get the memories out of his mind was to fuck them out. He cheated on Nathan, and started to sleep with anyone and everyone he could pull at gay bars. On top of that, he started to drink heavily, and do hard drugs to blind himself to flashbacks.

When Tyler didn't come home one night, Nathan was extremely worried, knowing Tyler had been drinking and using drugs. He went out looking for him, and like it was done just to spite him, Nathan found Tyler screwing a guy in the bathroom of the bar he worked as a DJ at. Tyler was high as a kite and drunk. When he saw Nathan, he just laughed and kept going. It made Nate physically sick. He threw his engagement ring at Tyler, and everything was over.

Tyler's life hit rock bottom without Nathan. Ending up in the Emergency Room one night after an accidental overdose in a nightclub bathroom, Tyler was diagnosed as HIV Positive, but he only discovered he contracted it from his attacker months later. That part of his life is a haze to Tyler, but it all climaxed when, one night high on Crystal Meth, Tyler saw his attacker (the same serial rapist whom Liam Morgan also fell victim to just the evening before) exiting another club in the city. Terror and fear took over, and terrified the guy would try to hurt him again, Tyler approached him from behind and hit him in the head with a brick, a blow that took the guy's life later that night.

The ultimate blow beyond all that was when Jeremy came home from England that summer to try to help his brother pick up the pieces after losing Nathan. Tyler was an emotional and psychological wreck, living on alcohol and drugs to shut off everything in his head. It was just days after his mental break where he took the life of his rapist that Jeremy tracked him down to a rave party at an old warehouse in the city, terrified of what he would find. Tyler had slipped further and further away from him to the point they weren't even in contact now, and Jeremy was crushed. It was never going to end well. Tyler was completely trashed only got more high and on more shit, and some how decided that drag racing out in the street with one of the dealers was a good idea. Jeremy tried to stop him, desperately not wanting his twin to get any more hurt than he already was, but in a horrible twist of fate, it was Jeremy who ended up hurt. Right in the midst of a screaming argument with Tyler trying to stop him getting into the car, Tyler, with his increased strength from the drugs, shoved Jeremy out of his face and pushed him onto the right into the path of an incoming car. Jeremy got hit and was nearly killed on impact, but it was the fast thinking of witnesses and paramedics that kept him alive to get him to hospital. He suffered massive internal injuries, a near fatal head-wound and was subjected to three major surgeries to heal the damage. It has now been over a year and Jeremy is still in a coma at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Tyler ended up being charged with murder of his attacker, but had the sentence lessened to Manslaughter with a plea bargain. Tyler's father, although being unable to try the case himself, demanded Tyler's attorney, Mark Campbell submit an appeal on the grounds that Tyler was intoxicated, acted in self-defence, and suffering mental impairment. The conviction was overturned and after just six months in prison, Tyler was released and try to pick up what little pieces of his life were left, though the trauma left him with continual daily struggles with substance abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder, though he fought it the best he could without the one person he needed to help him.

DREAM LIKE NEW YORK || [community profile] dreamlikenewyork: It has now been two years almost to the day since Nathan broke up with Tyler. If Tyler's world hadn't already fallen apart at the seams before then, it did when he lost the love of his life. To this day, he still doesn't know how he spiralled so far out of control that he seemed to be indifferent about letting Nathan walk out of his life. As soon as he had sobered up and it hit him everything he had sent crashing and burning, he seriously contemplated taking his own life. He stood on Brooklyn Bridge for three hours that night, brushing so close to jumping. The only thing that stopped him was knowing he still loved Nathan and that he couldn't bring himself to think about Nathan getting a phone call with horrible news like that. In fact, his love for Nathan was really the only thing that kept him going for two years, despite his continuing struggles with his physical and mental health, along with his addictions. He was in and out of rehab, on and off medication, but caught in a vicious cycle of always relapsing and ending up back to square one.

Tyler could never face returning to college. His mind was never in the right place for it. He still gets high and drunk to drown out all the memories and the pain of loneliness, but his condition has never left him violent or aggressive. He can sink into deep depressions, but on his good days, he is just a quiet soul who looks like he is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, yet you couldn't get a kinder heart. He gives what little money he has left after paying to survive or harbour his addictions to homeless people, or he will sit with them in the park and talk to them when he feels like he has no one else to turn to. He helps out in a soup kitchen in Queens when he is well and not in an intoxicated haze, and one of his favourite places to spend time is the city library. He loves to read and loses himself in all sorts of books. When he is drunk or high, however, he is the epitome of a slut; promiscuous, loud, without a care in the world.

Well and truly lost himself these days, it's possible Tyler's days are numbered. He tries not to think about it, living off welfare in an apartment with a guy he struck up an accidental friendship with at a bar, and ironically a professional porn star who takes care of Tyler when he's at his worst. Ryder is Tyler's best friend these days, and possibly even his only friend. He knows the whole story and without him, Tyler wouldn't still be living and breathing. But through it all, Tyler's love for Nathan has never stopped and each day, it gets harder and harder to accept that he has lost him forever. In fact, it was exactly two years to the day that Nathan left him that Tyler tried to take his own life, this time determined to succeed. It was only when in the ICU recovering that his psychologist, Gabe George discovered that Tyler's mental illness could have possibly spanned to something called 'dissociative amnesia', to the point he has completely blocked out any memory of having or being a twin...

Tyler's tag @ [community profile] dreamlikenewyork is HERE

"And who do you think you are, Running around leaving scars, Collecting your jar of hearts,
And tearing love apart. You're gonna catch a cold, From the ice inside your soul
Don't come back for me. Who do you think you are?"

Tyler is an original character, created for the PSL, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork. A good portion of his backstory comes courtesy of [personal profile] wannabesurgeon, who gave Tyler the skin and bones of his history. For RP and muse writing only. No infringement intended. Tyler is portrayed by Grant Gustin, who belongs to himself.

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